"I couldn't find the sports car of my dreams, so I built it myself"

- Ferdinand Porsche

Andial (Garretson) Long neck Intercooler

Instructions Chris Carrol wrote up when he used to sell these:

1) To auxiliary air regulator (idle air bypass valve)
2) To vacuum limiter on driver’s side of engine, under the intercooler – connect to the hose from the vacuum limiter that was connected to the old intermediate bypass valve (offset port on vacuum limiter)
3) For VDO dashboard boost gauge sending unit (large red rubber covered sensor)
4) For over boost fuel cut-off switch
5) To waste gate’s lower control port
6) “T” pop-off valve’s vacuum line into vacuum hose running from throttle body to 
vacuum limiter
- Replace intercooler’s rubber mounts as necessary (#930.113.430.00)
- Replace throttle body O-ring as necessary (#999.70.477.40) 

(a) and (b) are self explanatory.


These instructions are courtesy of Chris Carrol of Turbo Kraft. (Re-printed with permision)


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