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- Ferdinand Porsche

Porsche Hood Badge Identification

By: Bill Jones


Porsche Hood Crest Badges

Porsche Hood Crests: "Orange Bar" 1965 - Early 1972

The cost of period correct hood badges for early cars has risen recently due to their scarcity. The early "Orange Bar" badges are the most sought after of them all. This fact has created a market for reproduction badges as well as the misrepresentation of them to become common. The badge most people are aware of is the later badge with the red translucent inlay with black bars used from 1975 till present with some minor changes along the way (we will get to those shortly). Model year 1965 to early 1974 911 hood badges used an orange-colored enamel stripe instead of the translucent red inlay found in the later badges. Genuine "Orange Bar" badges are highly sought-after and commonly sell for hundreds of dollars (contingent on condition). These high prices have caused reproductions to become available more recently. The best way to determin a badges authenticty is to educate oneself to the differences in the various badges and reproductions. Reproductions can cost as little as $60 and claim to be state "Made in Germany". A telltain sign of a reproduction is a more pronounced "dimpling" on the back than even the later originals have. Better quality reproductions even have the correct "901," "�" and "AR" markings embossed on the back, but still have more distinct "dimpling" in the metal than do the originals, which were smooth. Another noticable trait (though it could be faked with some work) is the solder around the mounting posts. It is common to see spillover around the post as shown in the example below right.

Orange FrontOrange Back


Porsche Hood Crests: "Orange Bar" 1972 - Early 1974

The later "Orange Bar" versions (1972-1974), had very faint dimpling. Its very important to be aware of this as reproductions are commonly misrepresented as NOS. In generall, if an early Porsche crest looks too perfect or pristine to be a late 1960s or early 1970s item, it is not authentic. I have heard stories of people duplicating the patina of the old badges using treatments on the reproduction badges. Buyer beware!

Orange Late FrontOrange Late Back


Porsche Hood Crests: "Red Bar" (Transitional) 1974 - 1976

Later in the 1974 model year, the Porsche 911 hood badge was changed to the more common version with the translucent red stripes. Except for the red enamel, the initial version of this badge is identical to the orange-bar badge it replaced. The "transitional" hood crest can be found on late 1974 through early 1976 Porsche 911 models and 1974-1976 Porsche 914 models. Though these badges are uncommon, they do not excede prices of the "orange bar" crests (but can fetch quite a bit more than subsequent Porsche badges). Again, the back of the badge must be examined (dimpling, incorrect markings, etc.).

Red Transitional frontRed Transitional Back


Porsche Hood Crests: "Red Bar" (Early) 1976 - 1994

During the 1976 model year , Porsche 911 hood badges were still being produced with the translucent red stripe, they did however add the full part number, 901 559 210 20, embossed on the back. The supplier was also changed, as the upper marking changed from a diagonal "AR" design in a circle to a crossed "REU" design also in a circle. The badges were once agin smooth like the origional early "Orange Bar" badges. The "red bar" emblems are most common. Reproductions are also available from many distributers and are not usually misrepresented.

Red Early FrontRed Early Back


Porsche Hood Crests: "Red Bar" (Late) 1995 on

I havent got my hands on one of these to see what the back looks like. The front is updated with the Porsche script in black and the badge is flatter than the early badges. These later badges underwent additional changes such as the elimination of the "circle R," introduction of translucent black stripes and eventually a different "PORSCHE" script style.

Red Late Front


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