"I couldn't find the sports car of my dreams, so I built it myself"

- Ferdinand Porsche

Must Have Porsche Books

By: Bill Jones

If you are like me you have a lot of automotive related books. My collection ranges from Factory manuals to the basic coffee table books. I even have a small collection of such books in my office for visitors to look at while they wait to see me. The problem with most of these books is there is really little value in their content. There are however a few that no Porsche owner (at least those of the air cooled variety) should be without.

1. Porsche: Excellence Was Expected: The Comprehensive History of the Company, its Cars and its Racing Heritage - 2008 Update

This is the book I used most while developing this site. It is full of history of everything from the most comon to the obscure. It is a bit expensive (about $185 on Amazon, link above) but worth every penny when you consider how many $25 books you end up buying, that never even scratch the surface of what is contaianed within these pages. If you have an interest in expanding your Porsche knoledge, this is the book for you.

2. How to Rebuild and Modify Porsche 911 Engines 1965-1989

If you have plans to refresh your aircooled 911 engine this book is not an option, its a MUST! Author Wayne Dempsey does a fine job explaining the entire process from removal to complete step by step rebuild. This is the book that I personally used to plan my entire rebuild. Available from Amazon for $23 at the link above. Trust me, you wont be disapointed.

3. Porsche 911 Performance Handbook, 1963-1998: 3rd Edition (Motorbooks Workshop)

Author Bruce Anderson covers many aspects of the performance modification of the 911. Though this book is not a "how-to" manual, it gives a lot of insite in what is availble and can be done with these fine cars. If you have aserations of tracking your 911, this may be a good read. Available for $23 from Amazon at the link above.

4. Maximum Boost: Designing, Testing, and Installing Turbocharger Systems (Engineering and Performance)

Ok, this book is a bit off the Porsche reservation I admit. The reason I added this is for those horse power addicts like myself. In the pursuit of sqeesing the maximum out of your 911 Turbo you will inevitably start to look at changing the turbo and intercooler. Understanding how these systems work is key to putting togeather a successful upgrade plan. Available on Amazon for $23 at the link above.

5. How to Make Your Car Handle

This book if full of insite into the dynamics that affect how a car handles. A must read for anyone looking to improve their suspention. Keep in mind it is not model specific but a general view to the parts of the suspension and how they interact.

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