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930 Engine Removal

By: Willtel (Pelican Parts Forum Member)

There isn't much to it. I think you should address it from the top side first then the bottom.

Up top I would remove the intercooler, air cleaner, crankcase vent, fuel lines, and the electrical harness where it plugs into the firewall\shock tower. You will also need to pull the AC compressor if it is still there. From inside the car remove the cover on the trans tunnel and take apart the shift coupler. Before you lift the rear of the car you will also want to drain the oil.

Now get the car up in the air and address the bottom side. Be safe and make sure the car is stable before you get under it. Death by 930 should only come from the drivers seat, once you are sure the car is safely off the ground you can start with the dirty stuff. Remove the CV joints from the trans and tie them out of the way somehow. Now take apart the throttle linkage where it connects on the transmission, you can leave the part going to the throttle body on the engine. Then address the oil lines on the passenger side, have something like a cork or a paper towel and a plastic bag to plug them or they will drip oil everywhere. If you have heat you will also need to remove the pipes from the heat exchangers. 

Once it seems like you have everything loose get your jack or cart or whatever you are using to move the engine squarely under the exhaust and put some pressure on it. At this point you can begin loosening the two mounts at the corners of the engine compartment and the two mounts at the front of the trans. When they are loose (not removed, just loose) try lowering the engine slowly and double check that nothing is binding or still connected. If it all appears to be clear remove the bolts from the mounts with the engine's weight fully supported by the jack. Once they are out lower the engine as slow as possible keeping and eye out for anything that may bind. The engine should come straight down. If it tilts to one side something is connected and needs to be addressed. It may take a little wiggling to get the shift rod to clear the tunnel on the chassis but it should be easy once the engine is lowered a few inches and you can move it back some.

When the engine is finally clear of the car make sure your car is high enough in the air to pull the engine out from under it. I removed the lower valance and the fuel head just barley cleared the bumper. 

Now try not to think about how expensive it will be to put back in and start cleaning!

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